LAWATYOURFINGERTIPS was written to be a practical guide to California Personal Injury Law – replacing volumes of books on a shelf and is a handy reference tool for practicing personal injury attorneys.

LAWATYOURFINGERTIPS covers premises liability – civil procedure, discovery, dog liability, slip and fall, construction accidents, trivial defects, motions and procedures, trial motions and procedures, and more.

LAWATYOURFINGERTIPS has practical checklists, summary of law, useful tips and practice pointers and is a concise and informative publication that will be used on a daily basis by the practicing attorney.

LAWATYOURFINGERTIPS is an up-to-date reference and research tool to enable the practitioner to quickly find the applicable cases and arguments for practicing personal injury law.

LAWATYOURFINGERTIPS – From checklists, summary of the law, sample motions, sample discovery and tested motions and procedures, LAWATYOURFINGERTIPS will be a reference guide for California Personal Injury Law that the practitioner simply can’t be without.


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